Full time goof off...artsy fartsy thing-a-ma-jig maker, bird-brain and doodler extraordinaire...dog walker, homework helper, house cleaner, magic soup maker, water colorist, painter, stitcher, earring drop designer, bracelet wrangler, sister, daughter, friend, ya-ya, auntie, sister-in-law, hiker, water lover, leaf picker-upper, shell harvester, photographer, photo manager, beet eater, farm stand shopper, flower smeller...mom who is supposed to know where everything is...

I'm a North Dakotan who grew up in Minnesota, my prairie roots mixing well with the Land of Lakes and I now reside part-time in the Land of Cheese, Wisconsin.

I began this blog in 2008 as a way to carve out sometime for myself while home schooling my son.  Son is in high school now so I have ventured further into my blog and Etsy shop.

I also mention Spirit often.  She is a golden retriever puppy we added to our family in the spring of 2011.  Spirit walks have changed my life and I sometimes share that here.